Made in 18h for the Ludum Dare 44 Compo by:

Carlos Izquierdo carlosvVk.

How to play

You are Voran, the Demon of Death.
Use your powers to kill humans as fast as possible.
Improve your powers by consuming human souls.
When the Earth is empty, your reign will come.


Hey! I really liked how the game ended. Most of all, the art, I think that for being my first attempt at pixel art, it is nice. I made an idle game because maybe it's a game a little forgotten in jams, so I gave it a try.
I wanted to implement more features, but I haven't the time, so this is it!


Made with Unity and Adobe Photoshop.



Demonidle - LD44 - 22 MB


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Nice Job, sadly i only maxed out the first 2 tiers stepped away for 10min came back and the game had won its self haha.  i like the style, would love more to upgrade and maybe some other things on the screen that upgrade but good little idle game so far man :D

I made it in 18h for LDJam so I couldn't add more features. Thanks and glad you liked it! :D